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I like Opera. It's unforgiving when it comes to badly formatted HTML, which is good. If people hadn't been using Opera, I'd have never found out how messed up my [ thumb] tag was! :lol:

It was also a lot faster than Chrome for some JavaScript stuff I needed to do, and didn't crash every 5 minutes like Firebug in Firefox...


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And Dan Larson never misses an opportunity to call ME an Opera fanboy! :D

I don't care what browser anyone uses, as long as it's not Internet Explorer. :)

whats wrong with Internet Explorer?

The answer to that wasn't really a good fit for the Sanctuary thread. As such, you can find my response in full in the Rants thread here.


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I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

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Heh, mine doesn't either, but my dad emailed Microsoft with proof that I'm a student, etc., and they gave me the registration code so now I get Visual Studio 2010 Pro and Expressions!!!! Yay!

Wow, I gotta get my dad to do that! :D

Too bad that's not how it works with Adobe software packages as well. :(

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Well stargate universe is back on and I have to say the show has gotten insanely interesting and i quite enjoyed the latest episode entitled human.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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I got my new router this morning and it works great, it evens seems to have made my connection more stable and the best part is that it's free. I've even managed to finish off my RE project and I've got hardly any homework to do at all. boltbait.mrgreen.png

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Too bad that's only legal for 30 days. boltbait.tongue.png

I'm actually in possession of legal copies of CS4 Photoshop and Illustrator, but I still just use PDN most of the time; I like using photoshop, but PDN is much quicker for a n00b like me.

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Wow Rubrica that's the first time I've seen you use any type of slang/incorrect English intentionally. =O

I don't see n00b as slang, because there is a definitive difference from n00b to newbie.

Incidentally, I did get very lucky with those copies of Illustrator and Photoshop. Together, they cost me an enormous... three pound at a charity shop. Ignorance is bliss, as long as it's other people who are ignorant. :D

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