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Never tried Opera either. I usually use FF or Chrome. Although I'm starting to get pretty frustrated with both at times because it takes like forever for FF to load sometimes and when I have Chrome open and don't use it for a couple of hours, it begins to lag and slows all my other applications down when I finally do use it. Don't even talk to me about IE, that browser is just wrong, period.

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whats wrong with Internet Explorer?

Well (since you insist on knowing), for one, security has always been an issue with IE, meaning it sucks. Too many errors, flaws, bugs galore, freezes, lags, vulnerability issues, lazy programming, ignorance towards established web standards. It's basically the browser of choice for hackers. Also, IE isn't very Web Designer/Developer-friendly and is a total memory-hog. I ain't getting into details with this. I'm not in the mood in writing a term paper here, but no matter how many versions Microsoft tries to come out with claiming that previous version issues have been "fixed", the new versions always seem to introduce a whole new set of problems. So I'm sticking with FF and Chrome for now. I've been hearing some good things about Opera though. I might give it a try sometime.

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