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Rubrica, it gets worse at the age of 15, trust me, so like it or not you should try to get used to it.

Watching Star Trek is a good idea, but when you do this you should take the time to start with the newest series and then work your way back, or else the shock of the special effects is too great and you will die.

Happiness: My XML reader works and better then MS's.

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Vista? -- rain is amazing - love the smell :P


Mm, tomorrow's Monday and I have no school. ^^

I like to think of it this way...school is a (very long) break from break. So that way I don't feel as bad when "taking a break" and going to school, and I still get the relieving feeling of "returning" to break.

Maybe I'm just touched in the head.

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Ahh, undercover -- see I think the whole franchise got silly as it went all "gangsta" status, you know? I like the more classic non-street side of NFS.

And as for rain, aaahh man -- especially with the mountains! That's like the best sense / smell on earth :mrgreen:

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