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Hahaha, you're special just like everybody else.



Not meant in a negative way Rubrica -- just interesting to see you'd rather avoid your infatuation rather than confront her...

Plus your vocabulary is light years ahead of mine, hah :P


Happiness: Nice weather! Finally! Three days now, of clear blue skies. Temperature's in the low 60's (15C), it would appear winter is ending early this year.

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just interesting to see you'd rather avoid your infatuation rather than confront her...

It's the logical option. After all, if I were to confront her, I am faced with nothing but two outcomes, both undesirable;

1. She says yes, and my working life grinds to a halt.

2. She says no, and I go into one my huge depressions again.

However, by not confronting her, not only d I get to have a fully functional life, but it adds a little bit of suspense to my day, and the intrusive thinking can be very useful at times. Of course, limerence usually goes away after a period of time, although that period of time has been said to be 3 years in extreme cases. Nevertheless, faced with the two above outcomes, I'm perfectly content sitting here dithering. After all, hesitating and wondering "what if"s is all I've ever done, so it doesn't make that much of a difference. And there's another point; whether Emily were to accept or decline, her decision could risk changing me in substantial ways, which once again could bring my working life to a halt. Of course, you may very well be wondering why I deem my working life o much more important than anything else. Well, I'm afraid I can't offer you a valid explanation for that; it's simply the way I've always been. Perhaps it has something to do with the aforementioned fact that I have a tendency to dwell on the mistakes of my past, perhaps not. Short of going to a psychologist, and that would be way more trouble, and money, than it's worth, there's really nothing I can do about it. I've just got to sit back and see where the actions of others take me. That's probably my problem; I'm to passive. I'm unable to make large decisions for myself, instead allowing other people to guide me. I don't know what I'll do when I'm in the adult world, as I'll have nowhere to go then, and no-one to tell me what to do. Well, I'll jump off that bridge when I come to it.


Goodness, who on earth needs a psychologist when you've got me?

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Yes, definitely. I see where you're coming from with that logic as well -- I'm sure we all have those doubts and fears in our minds at times.

And you are correct in your assumption that it will pass eventually... but my question is, do you want it to?

What happens when things change, and you can't keep just floating on in this idle state?

Sure, there's a great amount of safety and comfort in not moving forward with things -- it's familiar, it's (like you said) what you've always done. But don't you want to know what 'more' could be?

It would easily put a major weight on your life, crowding your work, etc., etc...

I know I've experienced that first hand :|

After a while though, at least in my experience, things settle down a bit -- more balance is restored. Once you get out of the infatuated lovey dovey stage, reality kicks in and you both realize a balance has to be found.

And the joy man! It's good!

I would try it out, just go with it -- like I said in the discussion before with Sozo, you'll either work well together, and you'll be happy, or it'll end, and you can move on, learn, and progress with your life.

Food for thought.

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Of course, we're forgoetting the fact that I am 11. ELEVEN. I should not be in a state of limerence at the age of 11! And it wouldn't just crowd my working life, it would destroy it; I'm unable to adapt to change. Nevertheless, you make some very balanced arguments. Unfortunately, you've yet to convince. For heaven's sake, if I were to ask her out, it would probably be something along the lines of "How would you feel about conducting an experiment with me on the chemical reactins and processes within the brain which create and sustain sensations of limerence and infatuation?".

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Ahahaha I could see that :lol:

"create and sustain" :P

You are right though, you are 11, who am I kidding... hah, I forget that quite often.

Yes then, I'll take your side on this one. But in time, in time.

Pshh, I'm just 16 who am I kidding? :?


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