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File|Acquire submenu is greyed out; WIA installed

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I'm using Version 2.5. I've got a Canon LiDE35 scanner with WIA driver installed. The scanner shows up in ControlPanel|Scanners. WinXP Pro reports successful completion of scanner diagnostics. I have no trouble scanning into Adobe Acrobat 7.0, but can't use Scanning feature in Paint.Net because the menu item is not enabled. What am I doing wrong?

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Hello everybody.

I have exactly the same problem, and regarding to the FAQ :

1. "We use WIA v2.0 [...] that is not available unless you have Windows XP SP1 or later installed."

-> I have WinXP SP2 and Windows Update up-to-date

2. "if you can't scan, then maybe your scanner doesn't support WIA. You can check to see if you scanner supports WIA by verifying that it shows up in the "Scanners and Cameras" control panel. Some scanners or cameras require that special software or drivers be installed before they work with WIA."

-> Yay, my scanner does support WIA, I've installed the latest drivers, and the scanner does show up in the "Scanners and Cameras" control panel.

3. "Lastly, if you are running Windows Server 2003 you should know that the Windows Image Acquisition system service is not enabled by default. Simply set it to Automatic"

-> I'm not running 2003, and I've verified : the service is set to Automatic and running.

You can see that everything is properly set up.

I am also using a Canon scanner (a LIDE30), like the two other people complaining there. Maybe there is a specific issue with these scanners.

Please contact if you need more information, I'd like a lot to have scanner support in Paint.NET. I'm using 2.6rc2, have a Canon LIDE30 under a US WinXP Pro SP2 and .Net 2.0.

Thanks !

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I have the same problem and my computer meets all the specs. I was reading in another thread that PAINT only supports WIA drivers and not TWAIN...every scanner I've every used was TWAIN. I think that the designers are alienating a lot of users by not offering TWAIN support. Paint.net has already been uninstalled from my computer. Too bad too because it looked like a great free alternative to Photoshop, but not quite as good, obviously...

BTW- I'm using a CanoScan 646U

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i agree with the above poster... you're losing a lot of users because of this decision to not support twain.

almost all scanners i've come across are not compliant with wia.

is there even the slightest possibility of twain support in paint.net in the future?

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I am sorry but this really deserves a bump. Will TWAIN be introduced? My scanner (Canon LIDE 20) is obviously not WIA compatible as I haven't found anything on the Canon website. Still, I'd love to use it with Paint.net.

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Yes, this really is a problem. I understand that Paint.NET ist a project by students - but I think it is relevant for a student, especially for a student who wants to be a software developer, that sometimes you have to make a decision, which does not please you, but your customer. And this is what we are, your customers. As said before, I really like Paint.Net and use it as an alternative to PaintShop Pro. But without TWAIN-support, there is simply a very important function missing and this will play an important role in my decision to suggest Paint.NET to my colleagues and friends.

Vote for TWAIN-support!

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cwaidner, Read the rules. Read the popular feature requests thread.

Paint.NET is not a student project anymore. It hasn't been for over 2 years. I don't know where you're coming from.

Thread Closed

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