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Can this program color swap?

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I'm taking a multi-media class in high school and we got the entire adobe suite for pretty cheap so I've been learning how to use photoshop. Of course I can't afford it :D Using its color swap tool to change colors on things (like a pic of my parrot so hes green and blue instead grey and orange) is my favorite thing.

So I'm wondering if this has the same tool if not an extremely similar one. Info appreciated :P

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Conditional Hue/Saturation is probably your best and easiest bet, though Curves+ is also a very viable option. It'll take longer to learn if you don't already understand curves, but it'll give you more power in this and many other situations. Link to Curves+ is in my sig.


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It's only been 11 minutes. Please be patient. Not all of us just sit around on the forum all day waiting for questions to answer.

I do, and I still would prefer people didn't do that. By the way, the two views were probably by bots.


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