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trouble loadin my piccys!

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evening all! well am new to this have spent the past couple of days glues to my laptop playing around and reading as many tuts as possible to understand how to do what!!!problem now is...have made some piccys and wanted to post them on my myspace...went to upload them opened the file they are in and it shows nothing, even though i know theres about 6 piccys in there!!am not a mass computer whizz either so am wondering why i cant load them!!!any advie would be appreciated muchly!!! :roll:

just found out that includes using it as a desktop background on me laptop!!!soooo confused!!!!

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Lol Rick,

Also, to add on ...

You should save a .pdn file of images you create to be able to go back later and edit them easily in layered form. However, many things don't recognize the .pdn format, so it is best to save a copy as a common file type (as BoltBait mentioned). I personally use .png for most things.

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