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How about a Stair Interpolation Up-Res option?

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When making a large print (large = 13"x19" or larger) @ 300DPI the program has to "resample" the image to create the required additional pixels. From what I've read the best way to do this is to not do a single 1-pass up-res, but instead to do several smaller, incremental upsize resamples, where each upsize is about 10% larger than the previous one. This is what leads to the name "Stair Interpolation."

I've used Fred Miranda's SI Pro Photoshop add-on to do this and it works well. But perhaps there are even better ways to do it.

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The net result is only that you get a blurrier picture. I just tried with PDN with your stair technique and then again with one pass, the result is only that the stair image is blurrier.

Since those are algorithms designed to interpolate date that isn't there, you won't get a better picture just by re-interpolating from data that already was interpolated. The error just multiplies.

For comparison:


Enlarged with 'stair interpolation'

Enlarged in one pass

Difference between the two above

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