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Memorizing Open/Save As locations

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I am new to Paint.NET. I have to say it is a great program for my needs of basic photo corrections! It saves me from having to buy Adobe Elements so I donated :)

I compliment also the plugin developers for their excellent work (I use ScriptLab, Highlight/Shadow, Sharpen+, Conditional Hue/Saturation)!

I have some suggestions, hopefully not annoying:

- when I open a photo from one folder, process it, and want to "save as" to another folder, I get as starting point the folder where it was opened from. I then have to move through several levels of folders to get where I want. Then, when I want to open the next photo, the starting point is the folder for saving. I know that Photoshop always remembered open/save-as folders separately, saving a lot of browsing time. Could this be implemented?

- It would be nice if the clone stamp tool had more feathering. It currently takes me more effort to effectively remove a dust spot in a piece of sky than it would when I had Photoshop. Is my understanding correct that this falls under 'brush customization' scheduled for version 4.0?

Thanks for your answer and keep up the great work.


Weather & Photography:


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Fourthed! :-)


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