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Blending multiple photos into one long banner type photo

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Im brand new to Paint.Net - Havent even DL'd yet! I have a ver specific task I need to do for some folks in making their Non Profit Web site.

At the top of each page they want the same long "banner " type photo with comprised of 4 or 5 different photos "blended" together. At thi site is the example they gave me and thi is VERY important to these folks as they will show 4-5 learning impaired children - The 1st very confused and sad and the last very happy and sure of themself in an educational setting.

Here is a link that shows a photo with the exact technique they want me to do- The yellow banner running thru is nic and they like it but it is not totally necessary.

Here is the link - http://www.plumcreektxhoa.com/plumcreek ... e_home.asp

Please post your response here in the forum but if you like feel free to email me at melvincurtice@msn.com

Now I'm going to go DL Paint.NET

THANKS so much!

Melvin (texanandproud)

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1) Before you ask for or about ANYTHING:

1. Read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=489

2. Search for your answer, http://searchpaint.net

3. Read the Popular Feature Requests posting. If it's already there, don't ask for it. Seriously. Don't. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3455

Try this tutorial.


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Thank you Rubrica VERY much but your answer a little to general in nature for me to know what to do. I did know enough to figure it had something to do with layersIf anyone has time to type a few step by step directions for blending a few photos together like the example I gave I would appreciate it very very much.

Hellfire - THANK you very much for your reply as well. - YES - I did search very hard for a tutorial on how to do what I'm trying to do before I asked in the forum and I did run across the same tutorial you sent me concerning the car but didn't see how that applied as it was editing one image and I'm trying to "blend" multiple images together or add severl images to one main or base image. If someone knows of a post, tutorial or FAQ that shows how one would accomplish the banner photo on the top of this page PLEASE refer it to me.

Basically if I could just learn how to get one image andbeable to add another image to it (say in the middle) but WITHOUT distinct lines but the edges of the two images would just kind of "fade" into each other! I tried searching for words like blend, fade, transition etc... but no joy. Maybe I can't do this with Paint.Net ??? My brother told me his consumer reports recommended Photoshop ELEMENTS!

Here is the effect I'm trying to create - The long image at the top of the page (the yellow ribbon or anything like it is not necessary in what I'm trying to do - I just need to learn how to fade images into each other!

Here is link again - The long image at the top of the page isan example http://www.plumcreektxhoa.com/plumcreek ... e_home.asp

THANKS AGAIN - Melvin - Buda Texas

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