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How to unflatten an image and how to keep animation in image

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I am adding text to images. when I save it the box comes up that says "the image will be flattened and saved. You will be able to undo the flatten operation after saving is finished. " My question is how do I undo the flatten operation?

second question: I have a gif image that has animation. When I open it with paint. net and add text and save it as a gif image the animation is no longer working. Could you please tell me how to preserve the animation.

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1) Ctrl + Z, or simply the Undo command. Flattening manually or by way of a save will still appear in your History, therefore undo that action to revert back to your multi-layered state.

2) Paint.NET is not an animation program so cannot handle the animation of a .gif. You may create the individual frames in Paint.NET but not save it as animated.

Does this help?

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