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Paint.NET v2.6 Beta 1 is now available

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Lots of bug fixes, performance improvements, and even a few new features.

Get it in the usual places: (1) the download page ( http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/download.html ), or (2) the built-in updater (File -> Updates -> Check Now, and make sure that "Also check for Beta releases" is turned on).

Here's the list of changes since Alpha 2:

* New "Curves" adjustment for editing the color curves of an image

* UI elements that are drawn on the image canvas are now visible if they go outside the canvas boundaries. This includes the nubs/handles for the Move tools, Line/Curve tool, and the selection outline

* Optimized Move Selected Pixels tool: its history data is saved in a background thread, it only has to save half as much as it used to, and it is now much more responsive as a result

* Optimized performance and memory usage of Paintbrush, Eraser, and Pencil tools

* Optimized performance of Paint Bucket and Magic Wand tools

* Optimized startup performance

* Mouse wheel zooming now centers on where the mouse is located

* Mouse wheel zooming is now more granular/smooth

* Line/Curve Tool 'nubs' can now be hidden by tapping the Ctrl key

* Pressing Enter or Esc now finishes a selection with the Move tools

* Fixed a Paintbrush Tool crash

* Fixed a Rotate/Zoom bug

* Fixed many bugs related to scrolling and zooming

* Fixed some layout bugs related to the Layers form

* Fixed some keyboard/mouse input and focus issues with the toolbars

* Fixed printing transparent regions showing up as black instead of 'transparent' (white) on paper

This is a beta release and will expire on February 1st 2006, although an update will be available before then. The final release will not expire.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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