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Print Problem (Original Size)


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Well it been a long time that I have had a problem with Paint.NET, really it may be more with WIA. Anyway I am doing my VB.NET today trying to get a project coded and passed in and I need to print out the GUI of the program I made. So I Run the program and do a Alt + Print Srceen and open Paint.NET. I Paste the image in there at it's original size of only 528x335 and go to print. I can't pick to print the image at it original size. I can pick from two full screens which is to big as it a full print out. Then there are small size cut outs that are to small. I just want to print the original size not a small or blowed up version. I even fliped the image to see if the width was to big but it still did the same thing.

If anyone knows how to do a original size printing let me know, Thank You


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