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Poetry and Prose

Andrew D

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We have a thread for pictures, so why not for poetry and prose, and literature?

Here's an essay I've done just now, (comment on dA here)

A World Without Justice

So, first of all, you may be wondering what I mean by justice. You may be thinking of the justice system of our democratic or communist governments. You may be thinking of when some paedophile gets 10 months in jail, while a person who stole something gets the exact same sentence. You may be thinking of if something is fair, or isn't fair. You may be thinking that this world doesn’t have justice, or doesn’t have it a sense. You may think that justice is higher that god, you may think it's corrupt as a dictator. You may compare justice to allegory as in Animal Farm, the satire about the Russian Revolution; you may compare justice to being un-fair for the people lower than other people.

Mainly, if you thought any of those things, you are mainly correct, however, the real thing I am trying to get across is, does someone deserve that, and is that called justice? I'll explain that to you using several explanations later on. As for now, I'm going to give a little personal reflection onto this shady thing I call justice.

Say a person you knew well, and someone very close to them died, of there fault of there own, such as murder or the likes. Say that person or persons who did that crime, had gotton away with such a foul action, would you say justice had been done? No, you would also want to spit on the face of the person who done it, as well. Even still, say if they had caught the person responsible, would you say that justice had been done, say if they only got a few years, or a "life" sentence, also known in the UK and US as 10 years in most cases. Not even a "life" sentence is correct when you think about it. Say that, like in the US, that person was executed, would you feel that justice had been done? A few would say yes, accompied with the words "They deserved it" or "That they couldn't have prevented their own fall" or some satire like that. Others, however, would not. They'd much prefer for them to rot away in prison, without luxuries, for life.

I am one of those people. However, in our democratic countries, we have a thing called "Human Rights" which means that while child paedophiles get widescreen TV's and video games for a 20 year sentence, while someone else would get the poorest living conditions imaginable. Why should someone who has committed such horrible atrocities be allowed to live the rest of their dammed life in luxury? They shouldn't, in theory. Of course though, we have "Human Rights" often used to benefit the rich and those considered better than others, and spit on the face of those poorer who need those rights. I have always thought that if someone has took another’s life, they should give up their human rights, and be put through as much as the judge wants them to. Of course then, that judge would get struck off because he would have 50 human rights organisations at his back. Everyone is equal, yet no-one sees that.

What about the play yard bully who beats you up, takes your lunch money and treats you like a pathetic piece of road killed skunk? What do they get, usually a warning from the cops, but what about their victims, turned angry and need physiological help because of their traumatisation, and they go on to harm, who is the real attacker? Most people who aren't informed of their history, usually the jury when in a court case, they just get that he was a "nutter" and that person usually gets put on suicide watch for the rest of their life, some would say, "a life not worth living". Is that justice, or is that the allegory of our modern life?

Now, I'm going to have one last example, and I'm going to use the novel "Animal Farm", something which several of you should have read or at least heard of. Any educated person in English knows this a book of satire and allegory, and of the Russian Revolution. Now, the details are foggy for me, though, I can remember slight events of it. Would you say that Old Major's profechcy came true? Some would say yes, some no, some both. Really, it was good, until Napoleon, Snowball and Squaler abused their power and defied the other animals the justice they deserved.

Any person who has read that book knows the suffering of those animals, and that the only way to get the justice they wanted was squashed by a dictatorship, the sin of all justice. Justice may as well be a dictatorship, it depends on how clever, how well of, and how "high" up someone is on the ladder of life. Justice may be served, but most times out of ten, it isn't, and left to rot away like fruit in a compost bin.

Thanks for reading, and goodbye!

There is no justice in this world, only lies. ~Andrew D

Post it here, and discuss other people's work!

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There is no justice in this world, only lies.

That's a fairly cynical way to look at things...

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"I wish I had never been born," she said. "What are we born for?"

"For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment..."

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A sample of my writings can be found here:


Feel free to read and comment there.

(Be warned... sometimes I use words that a well mannered child wouldn't use in front of their mother.)

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There is no justice in this world, only lies.

That's a fairly cynical way to look at things...

But wholly true.

Good piece Andrew. You say that was an essay, was it a school project or something personal?

It was something, well, I guess personal, I've always wanted to adress the sins of this modern day world, so I guess that's what I'm going to be doing.

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