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Spare avatars/pdn logo? i got no ideas 4 Speedy Guitar Man

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Edited by Rick: Just use one question mark. Using lots of them is annoying and against the rules.

Does anyone have any spare avatars/PDN logos etc that could suit my name or anything? Even ideas would help 'cause i cant think of anything that would go with "Speedy Guitar Man". I'm just stupid is is all lol. Sorry if i wasted your time or if i'm actually not aloud 2 post this as I'm new and have no idea.

PLEAS reply :D

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Don't call yourself stupid, we all have brainfarts now and then.

Did you try searching google images, or any other image search engines? You can try photobucket's search as well. Try doing that to find some images, then use tutorials here and put together a sig plan, and just see what happens. :P

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14) Avatar size requirements: They must not be wider than 120 pixels, nor taller than 160 pixels.

15) Signature size requirements: They must not be wider than 500px, nor taller than 150px


5/4 format, won't match :/

:( So bad I didn't thought of it when I started, because I'm pretty proud of it...

I even used only CC licensed BY-NC-SA images.

Crosspost in the Pictorium.




Licence CC BY-NC-SA.


I think Bob's already stolen the best one

Much thanks!! :oops:

No. Way. I've just seen Bob. And... *poof!*—just like that—he disappears into the mist again. ~Helio

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Hey thanks guys soooo much. Hey Bob, am I able to use the photo of John you posted? Then I'll see if I can add a RHCP group photo as well, in a corner, in the background, partially transparent over the top or something similar.

Eg. Adding this photo


I'll see how it goes..

I'm so happy about how much help you can get on this site. It's GREAT!! Thank you :D

EDIT: PS. Drakaan: I'll see what I can do about the tortoise-shell pick. could you give me a basic example though to see exactly what you mean?

Bob: I have to say WOW! Thats AWESOME :D Thanks again.

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