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A question about Conditional Hue/Saturation

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OK, look at this image:


To select a color you wish to change you move those sliders in the red boxes. Then look in the color wheel above. Look at the red pizza slice shape thing. Inside are the colors you chose. Then to change them to whatever color you want you look under "Hue Action". Move the slider to whatever hue to change it.

The setting "add" adds an amount of hue to each pixel. For instance. You take an image select add and add +70 hue. It will take each pixel and pretty much just add 70 hue to it not sure how else to explain

The setting "set" changes ever single pixel to that hue. In other words the part of the image you selected will be that shade of color (Like red if you choose anything around 0)

The settings fade takes the pixels you selected and "fades" the hue. I really have no idea how to explain, in other words it makes it look rainbow like.

The slider by the yellow green arrow lets you adjust the saturation of the image. You can make parts of images black and white or dull or very colorful with that slider.

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