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Twain driver support

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My Canon 4400F scanner supports WIA, but some functions, such as negative scanning, are not supported. Canon tech support tells me that Twain is needed to provide all functions.

I would like to "acquire" images from the scanner, both from positives and negatives. I have a boxload of very old glass and film negatives to examine.

I would be happy to be a tester of such driver support, but creating it is beyond my programming ability. Any advice and counsel appreciated.

[Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit edition. Pentium quad processor, 2 gig DDR3 ram.]

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Thanks for your reply. I had read that thread.

My scanner works with pictures and paper documents using the WIA driver. The scanner has some additional features, mainly scanning film negatives, that are not supported by the WIA driver. It is those features that - according to Canon - require TWAIN.

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Ok so really there no problem as you can download TWAIN drivers from the net. Matter a fact Canon should have the drivers you need as there the ones reasponable for making them says the TWAIN Working group.

So again this is not a Paint.NET thing from what I can tell. However this topic is starting to go from a questions / suggestion to troubleshooting. So don't get alarmed if a admin / mod moves this topic down to that forum :).

The website below is TWAIN's and it there page for finding drivers.


If your still having problems finding the driver you will need to contact Canon and ask them what TWAIN driver you need for your 4400F and were you can get it.

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Thanks again for your interest.

I have the TWAIN driver. It works fine with ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5. I am wishing it would work with Paint.net as Paint.net appears to be a dynamic and supported tool, under the control of interested people.

So I believe it's an issue of implementing use of TWAIN in Paint.net. I hope there's enough interest to put it on the new features wish list.

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