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Water effect with shinny sun

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Yes, I am brand new to this...funny how I am computer illiterate, yet I have been 'gloriorized' with this cool software (program, etc)..

I have been doing research, yet I think i may be missing a step. I would loike to create a sunset with water effect, but I use the coding (50, 100, 10) and the image doesn't really show as water.. it appears too light and not enough waves.

ALSO, I want to make the son (redish) and appear more like a solid round ball, type of like when the sunset is so clear that it appears like a round ball (not sure if anyone gets me). PLEASE, I have read other posts, but I can't find what I am looking for. Attached is as close as I get..yet the sun appears tooo blurry, and you can't see the water!!

Thank you!

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