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Im in the graphics "team" at my school for yearbook. i was wondering if anyone had an idea for a theme? i need some help i made one, though it isnt perfect and with all the creative minds here something has to come. the other graphics members are totally useless so i thought of turning to the pdn community for help, here is a pic of the one that i tried to do:


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I think this is something that belongs in the overflow.

Well anyways, ive got some suggestions for the picture you have there.

1. Make the text stand out a little more, by changing the colors or adding drop shadows or something

2. Do something about the hand, so it doesnt just look like a chopped off hand floating in the air.

3. Add something to the book to make it a little less plain, maybe torn/worn edges, text maybe, or a less plain texture.

4. Add somethign with the white things in the background so it looks a little bit less like just a gradient. Change the color, and maybe the shape so they arnt just rectangles. Something like this would be amazing, but you dont have to make it that nice.

5. Finnaly, clean up the edges on the hand and torch.

I'm still alive!

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