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Endorphin Comic - Contest (Hope it's the right place...)

Andrew D

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Well, as some of you may know if you looked at the Artist's comments of my dA ID, the endorphin comic is coming back.

However, I've always wondered, how would other people do it compared to me? Looks like I'm going to find out. This competition is going to be held in the NM, B3D and PDN forums, so there will be plenty of competition, and I'll post in repsective threads entiries from other forums.

There are some rules, though.

1. You must either use a template made my me, or one made by yourself.

2. You must explain in full what resources you used, such as Photoshop, PDN or Paint, and also any stock images and the basic method you used.

3. No edits of other people's work, otherwise the entry won't count.

4. No off-topic. You can say that something was good or bad (constructive ONLY) but if it isn't, it's getting reported.

5. You can use endorphin for this, however only for colours, i.e, you can't use it just to then apply some effects to it and say you done it.

6. Have fun!

7. NEW Must have at least 3 comic panels (basicallty, your doing a script)

Deadline date will be when I start re-doing the first endorphin comic and finishing it off, that date will be the 1st of October.

Prizes, well, I haven't thought about it really.

Anyways, enjoy!

[/i] Like I said before, hope this is the right place, wasn't really that sure where to put it, to be honest.


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