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Because you're a jerk, and...uh...yeah?

Why didn't the Pied Piper come back for the crippled kid?

The Piper knew he would collect the kid on the next sweep for rats.

Which great exponent of Cartesian dualism resisted the reduction of psychological phenomena to a physical state and insisted there was no point of contact between the extended and the unextended?

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what is the meaning of homework

It's so teachers can make us feel guilty for mis-behaving in class.

(Please don't ban me for this, this is being parodical) hAI gUYS, cAN U pLZ tELL mA wHERE tEH rULZ r?!!!11111!!LOL

(Damn that was hard to do....And please don't ban me, I'm just pretending and being satarical)


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