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Ask a n00b question, get a n00b answer.

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That happend to me too! i took my mouse to the vet but the guy who worked there sighed and said "call the logitech tech support line.."

is rick brewster just a fairytale? i heard they made him up to scare posters into following the rules, kind of like santa claus, accept his trademark isnt, "ho ho ho" it's "Thread Closed."

Do you think hes real??? :shock:

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and alt f4 has nothin to do with programming its like quick keys.

But people who have written programs tend to be computer literate.

I think it's that one you have to type on to get in the house.

I got a message today saying "This program has performed an illegal operation and must be shut down.". What do I say to the police? I'm sure i'm innocent.

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maybe something bout food.

what is morning

Morning is the time of day when n00b's post the stupidest questions (couldn't think of anything else).

How do I find the . symbol on the keyboard? I want to say Paint.NET but I can't find it? Is it a period or is it a dot?

Hi. Yes. No. Uh-huh. Of course. Well, I don't know what you're sayin', but if you wanna leave a message at the beep...

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In PDN, make a picture of 1x1 px. Fill it with black, and upload it. past the image into your post like this:

I like pie59327512rk0.jpg

I can't shut the computer down. All i can do is cut through the wiring in the computer, but it gets so expensive over time...

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Pull the plug out instead. This technique doesn't create the nasty sparks.

I've replied to countless emails announcing my international lottery win. Why don't I receive any money?

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Go to any shop. They'll have it.

Does tucking a Pyrochild in at night require oven mitts?

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