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Paint and MS Office documents.

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I have some MS-word documents (office 2003) that have embedded pcx files (as links) I had photo editor from Office-xp and when i opened word it would disply the linked pcx file. Since i installed Paint.NET word no longer opens the .pcx files. i have downloaded and installed the cx pulgin and the same pcx files will open if i directly launch them trough Paint.net.

How can i acomplish word to use paint.net as a photo editor. OR how do i associate word an paint.net.

If i reinstall MS photoeditor the word doc works fine.

Any help greately appreciated.

Thank you.

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Well, first of all you may have problems as you use photo editor from Office xp. Photo editor isn't included in Office 2003 (as far as I know) and was replaced with picture manager (?). Perhaps Photo editor (= Office xp) and Word 2003 are not designed to work together in a proper way.

Also I cannot imagine that Paint.Net changes settings of Word, at least because PCX is not natively supported by PDN (via plugin, you say it).

Last but not least especially your last question is rather related to Office than to PDN. You should consider reading the help file of Word or writing this in an Office forum.

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