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Removing Canvas


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Hi, ok having a small problem, after I have the graphic/picture I want on the canvas I want to get rid of the canvas. Cropping the canvas out does not work for me as there is a part of the picture oustside of the picture border. After cropping a small part of the canvas remains. how can I remove this with out losing any of the tennis ball. Attached is a pic of the logo.


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And on images that would be a little harder to cut out the background, you could use this tutorial.


The one boltbait showed you would be best for that image, seeing how the background is all white, but when the background is another image or colors really close to the thing you want to keep, this one would be better.

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I suppose it's your own work and that you started it from scratch:

You need to work with :Layers: Layers.

If you doesn't met this concept before, there is a explanation in the :Help: Help:


Next time, when you open Paint.NET or create a new image with File > :FileNew: New, create a new layer, clicking the :AddNewLayer: Add Layer button in the Layers window.

So you can remove the Background one safely and work on a fully transparent canvas.

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