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A resize that handles a change in aspect ratio

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I would like to see a resize tool that can handle a change in aspect ratio. I have a Sony digital camera that takes pictures that are 2592x1944 (that I often resize to 600x450 for approx 100K emails BTW.) I would like to resize them to 800x480 for my digital picture frame, but I don't want to muck with the aspect ratio by stretching them in one dimension so they fit the other. If I go for 800 width, I end up with 600 height, and that means I need to pick which 120 pixel rows to throw away. I would like it if Paint.NET could support an interactive tool to do exactly this.

The idea would be that I would tell the tool the target size, and it would do the correct constraint math, resize the image to the constraint, and then let me move a shaded area around the picture to select the final crop. I have seen a feature like this in other tools, but this seems like an obvious feature for a program like Paint.NET to have, so I thought I would suggest it.

I did search around before making this post, but if I have somehow missed a plug-in (or heavens forbid an existing in-built feature) someone please reply to me and let me know about it. Thanks :-)

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There's no plugin or existing feature, but this has been discussed before. I think Rick expressed an interest in it, if I'm not mistaken...


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