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Converting a Full Quality Photo Image for use on the Web

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For photos, JPEG is often the best option as it allows for the most flexible compression <-> quality ratio.

When you go to save it, select JPEG from the Save as Type dropdown after you give it a name and click OK. This will bring up the Save Configuration dialog for JPEG compression. The Quality slider lets you choose the compression level - the higher the setting of the slider, the better the quality and the larger the file size will be. Setting this slider lower will lower the file size but will result in compression artifacting.

There is a Preview Size readout above the image preview window that will tell you how large the final file will be. The image preview window will let you see the file quality at the given compression. It's up to you to balance the desired file size with the desired quality. This number changes for every picture, since some with greater color variance begin showing heavy artifacting sooner.

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