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Take the Ellipse Select ( :EllipseSelectTool: ) tool, click somewhere in the area of the upper-left corner and drag to the area of lower-right corner. (This does not have to be right at the pictures edge)

Press [Crtl]+ to invert the selection. Now the blue tinted area will be around your subject.

Create a new layer by pressing [Ctrl]+[shift]+[N].

On this layer, use the Paint Bucket ( :PaintBucketTool: ) with a Primary color of Black to fill this area.

Press [Ctrl]+[D] to deselect the area.

Use Effects -> Blurs -> Gaussian Blur to blur this black area to taste.

That's a basic set of steps that can accomplish a heavy vignette effect such as the one displayed in your sample image. You can play around with changing the selected area or adjusting the opacity of the layer depending upon your individual needs.

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