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Suggestion: Freeform Shape, Lines, Color Replace

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Sorry to be critical here, but I have a few suggestions:

> I noticed that the freeform shape tool records for all points where the mouse is moved, not where it releases. Could there be some sort of option or change to the Freeform tool so that it only records releases instead of movement? The reason is that I use Freeform Tool in MSPaint for 'controlled' polygons, and I can't think of any applicable uses for it in the current form it is in.

> Could there be an option to disable the 'curved' line part, so that once the mouse is release, it can start drawing another line (even if it is on one of the points)?

> In Color Replace, can there be an option to replace all of the colors in the current area (selections, etc), instead of using a brush, and an option for checking/replacing opacity also?

> Will there be an option/effect to apply (or set) alpha blending of a layer/selectoin? (Ex: FinalAlpha = PixelAlpha * SetAlpha)

Also, is there any centralized option area (like Tools > Options)? Or is it simply the top toolbar?

NOTE: Great work! Just wish you could make plugins in C++...

*Sobs, looks up to see if he has gained any pity, and resumes crying when someone notices*

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