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Obtaining blue green red components of a single color image?

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You know...I actually wrote 3 effects for doing just that (long time ago, just experimenting)..just make 3 copies of the image, and use the desired color effect on a different layer.

If you want 'em, I can send 'em to you...assuming you're talking about a 3-color separation (R-G-B)




Becomes these:




drakaan sig jan 2020.png

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No...are you talking about finding the RGB values for a specific *pixel* in a picture?

If so, just use the eyedropper tool and click "more" on the color selector to see the values, like Ash said.

The only other thing I can think of that you *might* be talking would be a histogram. Curves+ has that, if I remember correctly.

drakaan sig jan 2020.png

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