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Magic Wand Help

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I need a bit of help please.

I have a few images that I want to delete the background from to put in a sig.

When I use the magic wand, it only turns the background black and doesn't completely get rid of it.

I also dont want the background of the image to be white, I need no background at all.

Is it possible to this using Paint.NET?

Thanks a lot,


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Don't bump your thread like that. It's rude. Allow ample time for people to read and respond to your question.

Try searching for: "Cutting out images" and "Making backgrounds transparent."

You can use the built-in forum search and/or Searchpaint.net for all your search needs.


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The way I've been doing this is as follows:

1) You have your original Image, "Rectangle" select the part you want.

2) Copy/Paste as New Layer into a new image

3) Using Magic Wand, on whatever layer the new layer is, click the background

4) Hit Delete.

5) Copy the remaining layer into whatever you want, and it is now transparent.

Sorry if this isn't very clear or if i have gotten the "wrong end of the stick" as to what you're wanting, I've only just started using Paint.NET, but this works for me so give it a try. :)



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