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How did you guys end up in pdn? + Paint.NET and YOU!


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I was on this website called www.roblox.com where it's like you can build your own little world out of bricks and legos. You can make your own clothes by saving the template on some sort of Paint program and upload it to the website. I was wondering how to make some of the parts of the clothes transparent so it would look like there was a hole in my character. I searched on the roblox forums and finally found that someone said that you could make images partly transparent with a program called Paint.NET. I downloaded it and I was happy with what I did. Then I realized that there are some pretty awesome effects in Paint.NET. I went to the Paint.NET search and Searched tutorials and I found it. I made an account on these forums because I wanted to ask so eone how to download plugins. After I got what I wanted I was doing tutorials, fiddling with cool plugins, and now I love Paint.NET! I've made some awesome things with it, and it's all because of www.roblox.com! :mrgreen:

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I downloaded paint.net like 3 or 4 years ago. I was part of a forum that was really into spriting and i wanted to join in. I wanted a easy program and this was the first paint program that i have ever downloaded and i have loved it ever since. Just started using it for sigs and web design last year. =)

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a few months ago.. i decided i was going to start an invitation business so i began looking for a program that had everything i needed all in one. instead of having to go back and forth between more than one program just to do one thing. so i was searching the web.. and came across this program..read about all the different things you can do with it, and decided that it was perfect for what i want to do. and downloaded it.. and i have yet to be disappointed. and i dont think i ever will be.

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When I bought my first laptop about 4 years ago one of the things I really wanted to do was create images but MS Paint but was just hopeless . I`d never been particularly artistic before then but for some reason I just felt a HAD to draw things on the lappie. It`s hard to explain really. I looked at a few programs in the shop but then saw the price of them and I just could not afford to pay that much. So I Searched on the net for free ones and ended up on the PDN website. I read a bit about it first but it was the the way it integrates with Windows and the fact that it was described as a replacement for MS Paint that did it for me.And as I was so new to computing it gave me the confidence to download it. It just seemed like the perfect solution to my problem so I downloaded it and have not looked back.

I have tried various other programs like Gimp, Sketchup and Terragen but they never quite grabbed me the way PDN has. It`s the only program that I would definitely download onto every laptop/desktop I have bought or will buy in the future. Maybe it`s the UI that`s makes it so much easier to use or the Forums both here and on PDN Fans where I have made so many new friends. Whatever it is I now am well and truly a Paint.Nutter! :D



Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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I was looking on YouTube for MS Paint tutorials. But the main interface was different and I didn't think that the .NET on the end of 'How to _____ in Paint.NET' meant anything. Then, I realised that it was a completely different program. And I found the forums when I was looking for a certain tutorial... This one, my very first tutorial in PDN that I followed.


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Two years ago, back in the days of Master Suite CS4, there was a twenty-year old man, addicted to Photoshop; His mind was incapable of diverting thoughts anywhere else. He was locked in a room, only his 50'' monitor for light and warmth. In there he had one purpose: Find inspiration for animé-based art. It just so happened to be that he saw the light, in the form of a Paint.net tutorial on "How to draw a 3D Pokéball"; He was hooked from the very beginning, until he saw the possible results and thought, "Let's give this a go!". He downloaded this Paint.net program, installed the "Shape 3D" plugin, and bang, time stood still, this man could hear Satan laughing as he realised; "$700 has been wasted on this steaming pile of sulphurous matter that is Photoshop!". He later went on to cry himself to sleep.

I've never used Photoshop since.

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long and long ago i played with paintbrush, just fiddling around, nothing a 5 year old couldnt do. then i saw some amazing pictures and sigs and wondered how in the world they could do that type of work. after joining a BHD clan a friend offered to make me such a sig, i told him id rather if he would teach me how to do it myself. thats when i ended up with photoshop. started learning to use it, but i hated how the simplest of things seemed to become complicated, so i started searching for a more user-friendly program, ended up with a lot of bloody potato programs. i would actually load a project onto one program, do a few things, thenload it onto another to do some more that the first couldnt do- back and forth, and back and forth, and at that it was easier than fighting my way thru photoshop, the on majorgeeks.com i came across a free image editing program called paint.net and i fell in love. i am still learning and can barely claim to have the basics down, but i am getting there-- these forums are a Godsend

much thanks to everyone and anyone who helped with this beautiful thing, wether it was a tutorial written or a plug-in or what


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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I stumbled on PDN trying to find either a cracked copy of Photoshop(horrible, yes, but I've grown lol) and I stumbled across PDN and GIMP about the same time. I tried both, couldn't get GIMP to work, so I stuck with PDN...This was 2008ish I think...I used it religiously for about a year, then my computer got a virus and died. Last Christmas I got a new computer and reinstalled PDN sometime during the Spring semester

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Hello Skystars5,

Firstly, I hope that you don't mind me bothering you with my problems.

I have just discoverd Paint.net and are very new at layering.

I love making sims 3 clothing and logos for t-shirts, however being a newbie,

I am just struggling with how to do it in Paint.net.

Is there a tutorial or video somewhere on how to use Paint.net for making sims clothing etc?

I had Photoshop elements 8 and it work very well.

Due to some moving I lost the software and contacted

Adobe inconnection of where I can buy a new Photoshop elements 8

in my erea. It has been 3 weeks, no answer. I know the Photoshop element 9 is

out and that they rather sell the new version.

Still, its unprofessional and plain rude not to answer.

I hope to hear from you.

Your sincerely Corson

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Hey there Corson, welcome to the forum!

You can introduce yourself properly here:

And ask questions about Paint.net here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/4-general-discussion-questions/

I hope you enjoy your time here. I'm sure we are more friendly than that other crowd :D

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