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stainless steel tutorial request

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Ill get on it in a little bit. Ive done a lot of work in stuff like this. Ill hopefully get it up within an hour or so. Ive got a ton of other stuff ive got to do.

EDIT: Stainless steel looks kinda like brushed metal, and theres a tut up here for that. Ill post a tut on a different, not brushed metal though.

I'm still alive!

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Isn't there a chrome text tutorial up somewhere...?

Yes, by BB00 I think. Thats different from stainless steel though.

Ok, anyways, I just figured out a MUCH easier way to make metal. I used to do a different way, which took a ton more steps. It gives a pretty good result, and only takes a couple steps. Its a really basic metal texture, and you can build off of this.

1. Create a new image. I did 500x500

2. Add noise, Intensity at 100, color saturation at 400.

3. Ctrl+Shift+G to make the image grayscale.

4. Median at 30 or whatever looks alright.

5. Now to make the color a little more stainless steel'ish, adjust either the curves or brightness. I used curves at these settings.

6. And if you want, you can shapen the image a little bit to make it seem a little less plain. I used sharpen at 20.

Heres my final result. You can build off of these steps to create other basic texures as well.

EDIT: Hopefully you dont get that light dot on the bottom half like I did. If you do get it or something you dont like, just clone stamp it out.

I'm still alive!

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