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Sparkle! Plugins (v2.6; Updated: 10/31/2007)


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Kshotts, why does your 'Sparkle--Glitter' plugin work good on some pictures, barily on some, not at all on others, and only on upper edges yet on others? I tried many pictures including those with bright and those with dark skies, but I still have the same problems.


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Does this effect even work?... Every time I use this and make the settings other than the default settings, the entire page turns white, and wont fix itself when I push reset.

Tried it about 5 times, now absolutely nothing shows up no matter what settings I use.

Tried every color and blank backgrounds too.

I'm talking about the "Stars" effect that comes with the glitter effect.

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Welcome to this forum...

Sparkle is a tricky one... It looks for white pixels, and if the image is white, then the calculation could take all the night...

To use it safely you should create a black layer and make few white dots on it.

When you will be more confident with it you could add more white dots...

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Hi MadJik, thanks for your reply!

You shouldn't use a transparent background but a black one!

Add some white spots then test the effect.

Read the first post for more info!

Happy new decade

I may be missing something but I don't remember anything in the 1st post regarding black background for the "Glitter" plugin.

I am also a little confused about the need for a black background.

Here is what I am trying to do:

1. Take an image

2. Add a layer (transparent background by default) and make it the active one

3. Select an area in the new layer

4. Randomly add white points in that selection using your "Stars" effect.

5. Blow the points up using your "Glitter" effect.

Using a black background on the layer will prevent the original image from showing.

Thank you and a happy 2010 to you too.

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* press F4 and set the overlay mode to additive

I never worked with additive layers. I wonder what else I'm missing...

Out of sheer curiosity, is there a reason not to treat transparent the same as black?

Will setting the background to black with Alpha=0 (effectively transparent) work as well?



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