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The Story of your Username


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My original nickname was Satane - it had nothing to do with satan or anything religious but people were calling me satan. So I shortened it to "Sat". Well Sat sounded too short so I added "Dr." Infront of it. It also makes me look more intelligent :):):)

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Im pretty sure noody will wonder this far to see my post but anyway, I always used the word 'Dark' before my name like DarkMoney and Darkbladez. I realized I'm not that dark, I'm not all secretive or whatever so I changed my name to light -hoping to start a new era of usernames for me ^^

Super Saiyan Taco ATTACK!


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I have this fascination with sparks coming from fireworks.

While doing an essay, a sentence came up in my mind. "Embrace the ember!"

Now an hour later, I found out about PDN then I came up with the name Code_Ember.


Code_Ember passed away on October 25, 2008. The Paint.NET forum staff and members wish his family and friends only the best in this difficult time.

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[longer than i expected]

Well, i was reading this awesome book about this virus spreading throughout the world, and the chaos and anarchy that people went through.

in this 'mystical' book people became panicked and so much in fact turned and charged huge obedience to anyone who had a plan, no matter how evil or diabolical. and the word pestilence came up a lot in this book, so i searched up the definitions:

1: a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating

2: something that is destructive or pernicious

3: an evil influence

and i thought, wow! thats would be an awesome concept, you know how i act like a virus, moving from house to house devastating everyone in it with my sarcasm and wit, and eventually making them sarcastic, destroying their household, and by doing so possessing an evil influence over them.

I like the microword, and i love how viruses work. and i just thought that it make a good name?.

Also you feel as though your being watched by the face which has been fused into the cell/fireball/orb/virus next to my name.

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Mine's after a Trash Metal band called Overkill. I can never forgive myself for being absent from their concert here. They're such old farts, I doubt they'll ever come back for a third show. :lol:

Yeah, I know, I'm such a plagiarist; I just can't be arsed to come up with something myself, too much pressure for my brain. :mrgreen:



Yes, I'm a fan. ;]

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My name came from one of my fav. DJ Paul Oakenfold Songs.. "Starry Eyed Surprise" It just makes me feel good whenever i listen to it :)

"Im seeing stars, I can't believe my eyes

I'm seeing stars

Oh my starry eyed surprise,

Sundown to sunrise,

Dance all night,

We gonna dance all night,

Dance all night to this DJ."

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