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The Story of your Username


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mine comes from my favorite word: zizz (a whirring or buzzing sound or a short nap. It's my favorite word because it has 3 'Z's :) ). I'm not really sure how the alteration came about, but I first used it about 4.5 years ago. It's been my default username ever since.


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Well ok, when I was in my teens I had two of the greatest friends going to Junior high we always messed around with one another and every body around us., So they started calling us Moe,larry,curry So it stuck I was always called moe going threw school and thats that..Moeshere hehe.


Captain need more power. Are more PDN hehe

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Okay well my name is Christopher Osbaldeston?

But that's just annoying tbh :)

So i shorten it EVERYWHERE

Then my family copied, most of our mail is directed to Chris Deston and Kath Deston (My mum)

Osbaldeston is the explanation of my nick too, Ozzy, from when someone attempted to read my name and gave up leaving it as "That Ozzy Deston Guy" :)

Striving For Excellence Motivates You;

Striving For Perfection Will Demoralise.

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I chose my name after the introduction Windows Vista. Whether you like it or not, Windows Vista is "unstable" in sales and I suppose you could say technically it's unstable as well which is why I have a great big question mark at the end of my name! And because it's interesting how people spell my name (they may spell it with or without the "?" or get called something completely different).

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Well, I've explained my name before in the "rate the username above you" thread. But this seems appropriate.

I personally don't like my name. I wish it could just be 'NAB' , but that wasn't available, and James Bond is awesome, so I went with 007 nab. Here's a picture to explain why, my first name is Bryan:


I thought it was a neat little trick, so that's basically my nickname everywhere.

Another reason that hadn't been developed when I wrote that is that in video games- or whatever - I always go with stealth or thief - you know like Oblivion or something. :lol: So 'nab' kind of fits as well.

EDIT: Grammar fix

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

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Not that creative.


Hilarious how everyone thinks im thinking of the building blocks.

In fact, it's so creative, My Xbox live gamertag, and 20 other accounts to popular forums are all lego. I got it from lagos, Nigeria, since im from there, and changed one letter, a > e.

L > 12th letter

E > 5th letter

G > 7th letter

O > 15th letter

Born in December - 12th letter, 12th month.

December 5th - 5th letter, 5.

7th and 15th? add them. 22. subtract from 2003.

December 5th, 1981.

^ My birthday! Hilarious how people say it's not creative. This IS my name. :lol:


Lego's deviantART.

La De Da...

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My friends are just stupid. I don't even know where mine came from. I just know that they started to call me Scudda one day. Then when I was making an AIM screen name Scudda was taken. Then I tried Scudder but that was taken also. Then I thought I like the band Powerman 5000. So I added the 5000 to the end. Instead of going back to Scudda I stupidly left it as Scudder. Thus Scudder5000 was born. From that I have been called Scudd, Scudda Scudder, Scooter, Scoota and more that mutilated the name too much to remember. Then on the rare moments people call me Scott.

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My name comes from my friend who I conned as a joke, than a few years later I knew about this band D12 and than one of the members name was ConArtist. I didn't want to steal that name and made it my own which was KonArtist.

BTW...I am not really a con.


Gamertag 360: xX 8 Balll (Three L's)

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I used to have multiple names for my game profiles and one day I was thinking a new one and dezmodos just came up. I have no idea were it came from but the scientific name for a vampire bat is desmodus or something like that.


"Confusion is the welcome mat at the door of creativity." -Michaul Gelb

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My username is a portmanteau of the words "aeon" and "phoenix".


Pheonix- A mythical bird that rises from it's own ashes.

Forever rising from my own ashes.

And I just figured this out now.

It originally had something to do with the title of the movie "Aeon Flux"

This is my second account. All of the admins did not respond to my request to change my former username.

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You've been warned... :lol:

Blood comes out of people when you cut/slice/rip limbs/disembowel them. (Unless that person is Ash, because he has no blood because he is not human which is proved by his mad PDN skillz.) When you cut/slice/rip limbs/disembowel someone, it puts a satisfying feeling in me. No, wait...where are you going? No, come back! I won't hurt you...much...:(

It's a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions ... [such as] violence and warfare. Red is Cupid :D and the Devil.
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When I started posting on forums and signing up for email accounts I used to just put something off the top of my head which started turning bad when I found out my memory for this kinda stuff sucks. So after awhile I decided I wanted a cool internet name that would stick with me everywhere I go, it had to sound cool, be easy to type, fit my personality, and be somewhat original so that I didnt run into any "that username is already taken, please choose another" messages.

My name is Jacob or Jake, I love gadgets and electronics in general, this was the beginning of my online identity, etc, etc. After some thought Jake2K popped into my head and it was perfect so I kept it and haven't looked back since.

Whats weird is, when I joined my band I got stuck with the nickname Jake4 so it seems numbers are attracted to me :|


^Click to visit my Flickr Gallery^

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