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Monthly Skinning Competition #4 -- Google -- Helio wins!

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Voting is now over. And the winners are.....

Champion: Helio

And at a very close second:

Runner-up: usedHONDA

Honorable mention: DecemberWinds

Thanks again to all the entrants and voters for making this a successful competition!


Voting now open! Get your vote in now; you have until 12:00am, Friday, October 5th.

PM your vote to Helio

Each voter gets one vote.


It's that time again!

This time, Google is the project.

The deadline for submitting is Friday, September 28.

That's it! Now for the rules....


  • [*:dcfa6]Do not just color/recolor. That requires no skill whatsoever.
    [*:dcfa6]You must have a link to all source images used in your submission. If you fail to have them by the end of submission time, your creation will be disqualified.
    [*:dcfa6]If you use stock images, find out if they are copyrighted and if the owner wishes for them to be used.
    [*:dcfa6]Once you have submitted your entry, you may no longer add anything/delete or edit your post, excepting editing to add links to source images.
    [*:dcfa6]This post is for submissions only. If you would like to talk about the competition or a submission, do it
[*:dcfa6]Be courteous and kind.
[*:dcfa6]Have fun!

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I used the google logo from and this pic of the cell phone The site which used the pic ( seems to be dead now.

Note that I payed attention to the display of the Nokia 6230. The inserted pic has a resolution of 128² pixels, which is exactly what the cell phone has.

EDIT: Due to hosting problems with I had to reupload it. Alternate Link:


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Yeah... the icons are from Windows Vista and the Apple logo is from Apple... The search button and the I'm feeling lucky button is from safari viewing google.

Vista Icons: ... sta256.jpg

Apple Logo:

Google Logo: From the image in the first post

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With the Drop-down menu clicked:


(click on it to view an stylized, uncropped screenshot)

Now in a real web page!*

I'll add the drop-down menu in the web page later.

*Requires either Firefox or Opera to view it perfectly

EDIT: Oh, and no source images were used! 100% Paint.NET, CSS, and HTML!

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"I demand a Re-count!"

"Okay... Helio -1..2...3...4...5.., Indie - Zero...Zero... Zero.."

"I demand a Re-cou---[bAN!]

Nah, just be nice to know if anyone liked my work.

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That is the reason I don't think that I release voting results...

Seeing them may disappoint people from entering in the future, once they see how few votes they got (if any). It's not that people do not like your design, it's that they like other designs more.

Do you understand?

I will tell you that kipper010 liked your design a lot. ;)

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I think the MSC should be ended now, since nothing can compete with...aww, heck, just ban Helio from it :)

ONLY KIDDING!! We need such things as this. :-)

Awesome work. Thanks, Helio. Great to look at; now I wants to use it!

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