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help on a project for school


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i am trying to impress my teacher and maybe so i can skip a couple computer lesson. my old math teacher used to play college football for OSU beavers i need a site to find archived pictures and hopefully be able to make a nice render with that picture :wink: and i also need a tutorial for making that render into a awesome picture along with a tutorial that will just freaking stun my computer teacher all links are apreciated i am fairly new to pdn so tutorials should be in detail or fairly simple all links will be apreciated!

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Don't use that site... you have to sign up or something... just use google to find other sites.


Found with Google

A funny thing with people who do not know anything about graphic design is that they can easily be stunned by images that we find easy, and novice, to make. Not being mean or anything, but as I told uH, when you know exactly how it was done, it takes the thrill away.

Try finding a picture of a football player running down the field, and place a football in front of him. Cut out all but the football player, the ball, and the ground. Use "Cutting out images the easy way version 2" for that. Then maybe duplicating the player and making a zoom blur, then moving the zoom blured layers down.

Just some ideas :)

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