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Fractal Mandelbrot - Updated 09/15/2007


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Here is the promised fractal plugin, this is the Mandelbrot function.




NOTE: I did not write the Mandelbrot function, the function is taken directly from the CodeLab sample. The function was converted from CodeLab to C#. Would like to do same for Julia function sometime and perhaps follow up with other types. Julia function is a sample in CodeLab as well so that shouldn't be a problem to setup.


I didn't get to test it too much, and it probably needs some things. So you tell me, I know already it should have reset buttons especially for the x and y offsets cause their value is much more than needed.


update 9/10/2007 download same zip below

Added color sliders, red, green, blue and alpha. you have to mess around with it to get color as you want.

Added new image below.


update 9/15/2007

Added reset buttons to individual settings.

Fixed tab indexes.

Lowered up/down increments for offsetX and offsetY to .01 instead of .02.



So here we go, a screenshot. Enjoy!




Here is an image I made using this.

I was asked about this image a few times, so here is a tutorial that should help. tutorial




and another




Edited by toe_head2001
Fixed broken download and broken images
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cool one :)

can u make the X/Y Offset more sensitiv?

not X,XX make it like this X,XXX oder X,XXXX this would be nice :PaintBrushTool:

a preview function will beu usefull, - u sea the pic, an there is a "box" which shows the cut out of it, which is shown in de pic would be nice

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Welcome all. I will see about fixing the offsets later.

Added new picture.

Yata, the idea is to have more fractal types so it is getting its own menu. I am sure if it belongs in render, unless I can do a

render -> fractal -> mandelbrot, then it would be nice. Not sure if I can. But if people want it in render, I can move it so let me know what you guys want. Render or Fractal

Please, oh please put this in the render sub menu!

Otherwise, fantastic plugin. Thank you!

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Shorter the list - Happier the Yata :wink:

The shorter the list the happier the me. ;)

Yeah, stick it in render, I've got loads of plugins & there's a little arrow at the bottom of my effects menu already.


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better than you can imagine. These men are called musicians. :D

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But if people want it in render, I can move it so let me know what you guys want. Render or Fractal

I agree with Yata and vote for render. Just rename the plugin, e.g. "Fractal: Mandelbrot". It will look like this: Render -> Fractal: Mandelbrot.

And I would be glad to see more fractals. I tried to make plugins from the cs scripts, but didn't found the time and knowledge, therefore I'm lucky to see this now.

And thank you, it's nice. :)

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Maybe once you have more fractals (or maybe even once you have two) you could do an MKT and have the different 'modes' under one roof. MKT has |Sphere|Cylinder|Box| you could have |Mandelbrot|Julia|....|? This will shorten space, free up menu item real-estate and also just incase, for example, you want Julia but accidentally go for Mandelbrot you can easily switch without having to close the dialog and climb through all those menus again.

If not, Render sounds good :).

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Ok updated to render submenu.

And fixed up/down increments for offset, the slider does a full integer so it skips a lot, in this case the up/down arrows are best suited.

Myrddin, good idea.

Edit, will post source later, but I may not have time to look at this until next week.

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Wow, awesome! Can't wait to use this. I second Myrddin's idea; menu monkey bars are tough, and MKT's solution is easy. For me, at least :-)

Anyway, I am super-excited about this plugin!


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