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Emboss Text?

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Trying to emboss some text.

Font: Wingdings 2

Size: 200

Character: 9 (cassette tape)

Now, to emboss this character, I select the Magic Wand (S), and click on the character.

Instead of the character being selected, the entire screen is selected.

Ok, fine. I'll invert this: CTRL+i and now *nothing* is selected.

If I try to emboss this character without the character being selected, I get a screen full of gray.

I don't want a screen full of gray.

I just want the embossed character with a transparent background. Can this be done?




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Check your tolerance settings on the magic wand.

It sounds like they are too high, if you have the tolerance about about 70 (I think) it selects the whole picture. Try moving the tolerance slider down to about 50 or so & see if that helps :)


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Eh? No necroposting, especially not for blatant self-promotion.

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