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No Paint.Net icon on the desktop!

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If you select the Advanced radio button during install, you can tell the installer not to create a Desktop icon. Future automatic updates will remember this setting, so you only have to set it once.

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When you tell it to install Quick then you are telling it to install the way most users want it to be installed. Most users I know want it to give them the icon on the desktop as they don't want to look all over the place for it. Only people I know that don't want it on the desktop is people like my self as I am a gamer and more stuff on your desktop can slow down games.

But really to make a post about this to me would be SPAM in my mind as every program I can think of will try and put an Icon on your desktop and what do you do ? You tell it not to or delete the icon.

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I think we need to bring it down to basics: Paint.NET is made to be an easy UI for people who aren't proficient in computer use. If you don't put an icon on the desktop, a lot of people (such as my mother) won't be able to find the program. The more proficient users will be able to keep it from shortcutting or remove it once it has. It's just UI for the uninitiated. :-) Nothing devious.


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Please don't put an Paint.Net icon/shortcut on the windows desktop. This is nasty, uncalled for, and against M$/Windows guidelines. Thanks! :)

Like everyone else said. This isn't against any guidelines, and you can turn it off with a checkbox in the installer anyway.

Case closed, thread closed.

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