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Clip-Art, anyone?

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Copy and paste is the best, and maybe the only, way to do what you want. As for rotate, skew etc., as you know there are ways to get around these tasks such as Rotate / Zoom, right clicking with the Move Pixels Tool and dragging for your rotation and so forth.

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If you're talking about scalable clip-art, you're talking about vector images, which don't have any meaning in the current (or near future) versions of Paint.Net.

Inkscape and http://www.openclipart.org (hint: use "advanced search") are probably the best free resources that I know of for that right now. If you use firefox, you can view the SVG files in your browser.

To use the clipart with Paint.Net, you'd have to open it in Inkscape, select the stuff you want to use, and do a file->export to save it as a PNG...

It'd be nice to have vector support in Paint.NET, but I think that's probably a feature request that would be labor intensive.

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