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desktop turtorial idea

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There isn't really any place to start because there are so many wallpaper possibilities. And a lot of the tutorials in the forum would work as a wallpaper if you applied it right. For exapmle, the "Make a 'Wave,", "Rule of thirds", or the "Fading/Blending Camaro" tutorials.

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k problem is 2 of the turtorial i tried to use were ritten wrong and no one will respond to me = (

I don't think that so as people tend to post any errors in tutorials so other will know. Are you sure you are reading the tutorial right. Also as said before if you want to do desktop themes you may want to look up a theme program and read up on it.

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no clue what your talking about with the theme program bloody potato but all i know is i do the turtorial word for word and it ends up wrong!

You said you want to make desktops. Well a full desktop is a background image, icons, start button, taskbar, and windows. In order to do all of that you need a theme program to save all your work to a windows format. To only do a small theme that only a background image and icons then you don't.

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