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[Feature Request] "Tile-based memory management"

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Before any misunderstanding takes place, I DID use search and i looked in the popular feature requests topic.

Tile-based memory management. This type of memory saving is (As far as Google says...) A feature the GIMP uses to save memory when editing huge/large pictures.

You might already understand what i want, but if you don't, here's the explanation.


That's our normal Canvas. Okay, it's not really a huge canvas, but you'll get the point. Normally, this is One large canvas, where everything is being executed. Effects in PDN seem to be very slow at higher resolutions when in a higher value. ( That is, if you can't afford a damn killer-PC...)

Annieways, Say you would divide that whole canvas in small parts:


As far as my experiences go, smaller areas need less time to render an effect on. So, instead of rendering said effect on the whole canvas, you may just aswell render it on the part you're working on. Thus consuming less memory. On the other parts of the image, the effect maybe rendered with low priority, thus less memory consuming.

When you would like to work on a larger scale, the areas may be enlarged, or maybe even decreased to a set resolution. Effects are thus more memory friendly. Rendering divided over several parts is the solution to create hi-res images. This would be an amazing feature for people who make wallpapers, webcomics, and prints for dA or IstockPhoto, which all require enormous resolutions.

Tell me if this is possible, if there are any flaws in it, or anything else that might be on topic... It'll probably be a 4.0 feature (if even possible) and not to be fixed right now, but nice to have in the popular feature requests topic.

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Tile-based rendering can effectively cover memory management as well. Every tile can provide its own way of rendering. By default, a new image would just be full of tiles that are instructions to "fill with white". The white pixels wouldn't actually "exist", so to speak, except during later stages of the rendering pipeline.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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