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Color replacement Tool: Transparent replacement

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My problem is as follows. I want to combine to diagrams in just one (The axis are the same, but not the curves). I loaded the two diagrams into to separate layers. I would like now to make the white color of the upper layer transparent (opacity=0) so that the curve on the lower layer becomes visible. What I have tried is to use the color replace tool. However replacing White (transparency 255) by White (Transparency 0) doesn't work.

As a result I would like to have a transparent background such as if you use the eraser tool on the layer. But this time with the color replacement tool.

Is this feature not supported or is there another way to replace a color by full transperency? Thanks for any help!


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The best way to make all the the pixels of a certain color transparent is:

First set the tolerance slider to 0%, then hold down Shift and use the magic wand tool to click on a pixel of the same color as the ones you want to be transparent (in this case it sounds like the white ones on the top layer), this will select all the pixels on that layer that are that same color, you can than delete them, in effect making them fully transparent.

Hope this helps. :D

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Thanks for your help! Using the magic wand (pressing shift) for making all the white space on one diagram transparent solved my problem.

Just as a proposal, if one of the developers reads this: Wouldn't it be more intuitive to perform that task with the color replacement tool?

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