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Big problem with cropping images.

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So I just downloaded pdn version 3.10, and everything is great so far, but when I went to use the box selection tool :RectangleSelectTool: to crop out a specific area of the image (around the top right hand corner), and I pressed ctrl+shift+X to crop out the image like I usually do, what ended up happening, was the area I had selected moved to the center of the image, and the center of the image was cropped out. If you guys would like me to post a video to better explain what I mean, I would be more than willing.

EDIT: I know it seems weird, but the image I was trying to crop happened to be a printscreen of something I was watching in Windows Media Player. Try it.

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You can't take a screen shot from Windows Media Player. It simply doesn't work; this isn't something to do with PdN, it's a problem with WMP itself. I have a feeling it's a copyright thing, since you can play DVDs on WMP.


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Three words:

Hardware Acceleration Overlays.

The video is not actually played on the screen as we know it, but on a layer above that. I really don't know how this helps, but playback is smoother using this method. Because of this, though, the screen capture captures a section of the screen reserved for this overlay, not what's on the overlay, and when you move it around, even inside of an image editing program, it displays the portion of the overlay set for that part of the screen.

You can turn this off in Windows Media Player by going under Tools > Options, selecting the Performance tab, clicking the Advanced button and unchecking "Use Overlays" under the DVD Video heading at the bottom if it's a DVD or under the Video Acceleration heading at the top if it's a movie on your hard drive. This may make your movie run more slowly, but it will allow you to take a screen capture.

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