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How do you upgrade?


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Agreed, this isn't really PDN related.

In the meantime, this exact question was answered only yesterday by forum member Artimus in the "phpBB3 'bugs'" thread sticky'd in the Q&GD. Take a look at the post: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=94473#p94473

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Yes you do. Click on Download Latest Candidate on the main page (blue coloured box), then on the next screen click Download Unstable Release (under the phpBB3 header, the box is an olive colour), on that next screen chose which format to download in on the right hand side and it should take you to a Sourceforge download page.

After all that I have no idea. I'm sure if you're upgrading you should know what to do afterwards for installing etc.

@bb00: I have no idea, I've had a look around and I can't see anything like custom themes, although I'm not completely sure about this whole phpBB lark.

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Does PHPBB3 allow you to add custom visual themes? If so, what is required to make them?

Yes, and so does phpBB2. The issue is whether the company hosting phpBB allows custom themes to be uploaded. If you're hosting it yourself, it's simple enough to create and upload a new theme. I found several sites (like this one: http://www.phpbb3styles.net/) that offer themes for download. Looking at the zipfile, the directory structure looks pretty straightforward. Shouldn't be too hard to develop themes on your own, if you know HTML and CSS (and have some design skill).

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Middle-ish you'll see a subheading of Download, chose whether you want to download as a .zip or as a .tar.bz2 file type and click whichever one you decide, everything after that is self-explanatory.

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