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Tutorial request: Effect in Sprint Commecials

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Yeah, I'd do what Fisherman's Friend said- with the gaussian and glow. All you gotta do is get a bunch of frames, and re-draw it every time, onto the original image, so that it varies a bit, like in the commercial.

One problem with that, however, would be that the background got affected by some of those effects too- for example- in the commercial- when the people drew the sun, they're skin and clothes glowed yellow. You could achieve that effect (I'm guessing) by doing Curves or Curves + on a selected area, right by the drawn shape, onto the background.

This would, take- a LONG time. To do it faster you'd need something like Adobe Premier. Pasting frams into PDN takes a long time.

As you can tell by my posts, I'm still a newbie, so don't go by me, but I was thinking about that commercial too.

EDIT: oh- and the colored ribbons effect would work nicely too, but you'd have to do it so there's no background, so that you can see the original frame.

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For still photos, this is called "slow sync flash". I know this because I was lucky enough to wander across this article on digg.com today:

http://digital-photography-school.com/b ... sh-images/

It might be a good reference point for figuring out how to recreate an image like that from a basic still image (or from scratch with different layers).

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Keep in mind, that you also have many options with the layer types, that might be able to help you out a bit.

step 1.) make sure that when you draw the lights you do it on it's own layer

2.) copy the layer.

3.) in the bottom version of the layer, gausian blur it and set the layer to something like "lighten", you may even need to play a little with brightness and contrast to get your desired effect.

This works best if the photo that you are working with is in full light and then you darken it on your own.

It may take several layers to get the perfect glow effect, depending on the photo you use.


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