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Problem with Code Lab and Vista

Guest paintdotnet

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Guest paintdotnet

Ok, so here is the info on my computer.

Manafacturer: Acer

Model: Aspire ASE380

Dual Proccessor

Dual Hard Drive

Windows Vista

ACER (1st Hard Drive)

DATA (2nd Hard Drive)

So I've downloaded Code Lab and tryed it to make some codes and when I press Make .dll it says that it cannot make a temporary file in c:/programfiles/Paint.NET blah.. blah.. blah but because of my dual proccesor and hard drive it's not allowing me to save anything in the Paint.NET file located in the ACER hard drive. There is nothing on the Acer site, Vista site or in here. I can't figure out how to change either the place where I can save it (into the DATA hard drive) so I can manually insert it into the effects file. Or permit Paint.NET to access the ACER hard drive.



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Note: Because of the spam attack and the forum migration, your account was inadvertently deleted as well. Feel free to sign up again, you weren't banned or deleted for doing anything wrong.

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