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Tutorial request - How do you make cursor packs?

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1: Create nice mouse pic, with right size (I use 48x48 or something...)

2: Save as .cur/.ani file (.ani = animated, each layer is a new frame)

3:Choose hotspot.

Repeat this until you have all/most of Windows' default cursors replaced.

4: Now, paste them into a small picture as a preview.

5: Save this as a jpg/png file.

6: Create a/ go to your DeviantArt account.

7: Upload the .cur/.ani files in a zip ( this is preferred), and the preview image.

8: Set preview image as.. the preview image, and wait for people to download :D

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Stick all the created cursors into a folder, or anywhere really, then manually change each cursor from Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers. Having them all in one folder makes them easier to locate later on and .zip up for internet upload/sharing.

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I think, if i'm reading this correctly, if you have the correct plugin, then yes, It'll ask for the hotspot.

I've never used PDN for cursors or icons, yet. I used to have a program for doing that. havn't had it in a long while.

Used to have a mouse cursor that looked like a tiny mouse. Was pretty neat. Would love to re-create it sometime.

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