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How to make a photo collage

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I am new I have read the rules and the FAQs. I want to make a banner rectangular photo collage fro a web page. I have been trying to build it like I would have in mspaint but I cannot get started can someone pointme int the right direction? Once I get started I will learn fast it is just hard when you cannot get anyting done. I can get the pictures to the laayer and that is about it.


Mike E

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Hmm. Start by making the canvas, the size you need. Then put each picture in a separate layer. Then you can move them around and arrange them the way you want by using the select tools.

This plug-in might come in handy: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2498

When finished, flatten the image.

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Not quite sure what you're saying, or what the problem is. What I would do to make a collage would be to seperate each picture into layers. Then maybe rotate some of the pictures by selecting them and right clicking the little nubs with the move selected pixels tool.

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